Account Settings and Profile

How to edit your account settings

Account Settings and Profile

Click on your user name to edit your profile and settings

Under Profile you can edit your contact information: profile name, password, role, email and phone number. 

Profile window

You can see information about your mobile device, current app version and battery level. 

You can also access live information on tracking: 
- Most recent location
- Tracking status (ON/OFF)
- Network provider status (enabled/disabled)
- GPS location provider (enabled/disabled)

Under Settings, you can configure your general settings: language, time format, time zone, etc. 

Account settings window

Email notification, activate if you want to receive an email when receiving instant messages within the app. 


Activate or deactivate the account permissions according to your organization specific needs:

a) Dispatchers are visible on the map and receive jobs: 
Enable if your dispatchers are active on the field, you want to follow their real-time location and you may assigng them jobs. 
b) Members can see other members:
Enable if you want your field staff to see eachother's location on the map from the mobile app. 
c) Dispatcher and workers are restricted to members of the same team:
Enable if you want your staff to only see the location on the map from the mobile app of the members of the same team. 
d) Workers can create Places from the mobile app: 
Enable is you want yout field staff to be able to create Places (Geofences) from the mobile app on the field. All places will be saved and shared with all members. 
e) Workers can deactivate tracking: 
Enable if you want your staff to be able to turn tracking off/on from the mobile app. You will receive a notification. 
f) Send check-in notifications to members: 
Enable if you want your field staff to receive a notification every time a member of the team checks-in/out a place/job. 
g) Places chekc-in/out notifications: 
Enable if you want to register check-in/outs from the field staff whenever they arrive/leave a place from your Client DB. 

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