Creating, importing and editing Places

How to create, edit and import places (Geofences)

Creating Places 

 On the main top right menu click on Places. 
Go to the “PLACES” window and click on the "+" add place button. 

* Maximize any window for a better visibility, just click on top right expand icon  Maximize icon

 Enter a valid address or name and select the correct result from the search results. 
Enter place address
* If you can’t find the location simply drag and drop the red pinpoint. 

 Enter the information of the place. Remember you can edit this information at any time. 

Place profile

Importing Places 

Remember you can always import your places directly from a KML file!
Just click on "Import from KML" and follow the steps! 
import kml

Import places KML

Editing Places 

 In order to edit a Place just click on the place name, you want to edit and then click on the edit button. 


The Profile window will open and from there you can:

- Enter or edit place informaiton 

- Select if you want to make the place only visible for Desktop (Administrators and Dispatchers) or if you want it to be also visible for the mobile app (Field Staff). 

To remove or delete a Place simply select the place you want to delete from the table and click on delete. 

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