How to set status for members

How to set up status for members 

Members can set a specific status that works also as a label. Status helps to know if a member is active/inactive, the type of vehicle/device he's using or any other specification that you may need to ease the dispatch and overall operations of your field and office staff. 

Go to your account settings 

 Select the Settings tab 

At the bottom of the window, you will see the 'predefined status workers can pick from'. 
Just enter and edit the predefined options for status workers can choose from, separate using commas.
From their mobile devices, workers can select one of the predefined options or even create a new one. The worker only needs to tap on the main menu, tap again on her user name and select "Choose your current status". 

On both the Team and Dispatch sections you will see the Status selected by each worker 

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