How to see my scheduled Jobs?

If you have assigned Jobs for the current day, follow the steps below to access them: 

Step 1. Open your app and tap the Jobs icon on the right upper corner. 

Step 2. You will see your Jobs for the current day 

Step 3. Tap the Job in order to: 

By tapping the right menu you will have access to the options below:

- Signature capture
- Upload image 
- Reject the job (if this permission is enabled for your team)
- Update the location to your current position
- Mark as Scheduled 
- Manual check-in/out 

Step 4.  Once you've set the status and enter the information required the Job will be sent to the bottom of the list and you will see your next Job at the top. You can always go back to edit the information entered. Simply tap the Edit icon and re-enter the information. 

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