2.2 Getting Started with Hellotracks

2.2.1 Creating a Member

Step 1: Open Hellotracks, on the main menu, click on "Team", then click "+Add Member"

Step 2: Enter the member information

Step 2.1: Select the role type. You can choose between Worker, Operator, and Administrator. 

Step 2.2: Enter a profile name for the member. This can be a position-specific title of the team member's name, e.g. Driver 1, John Smith, Jane Doe, etc.

Step 2.3: Enter a username. This will be the login username for the member, it is suggested that you use an email address as this is a unique identifier. E.g. j.smith@company.com. john.smith, driver.johnsmith, etc.  

Note* Usernames are not editable. This means you must stay with this username once you finish creating the member.  

Step 2.4: Create a password or generate an automatic password.  

*Remember, all data is always editable except for the username.

Step 3: Click "Create Member" to finish creating the team member

Once you create a new member you will then see them on the "Team" page 

Note* Remember you can always check the credentials, just click on the member’s name and click on the “ Open” button to confirm or edit the credentials. On the member's profile is always possible to edit profile name, password and contact email address.   

Congratulations! You have now added a new member to your team. 

2.2.2 Downloading the App 

Step 1: Ask all team members to download the Hellotracks app to their devices

Step 2: Make sure to inform your members to use the credentials that you have created for them. 

Step 2.1: Please read the privacy notice that appears on the first time login and accept. 

Note* If they do not use the proper credentials or if they create their own credentials, this will create a second account not associated with the correct Hellotracks Business Account. This leads to delays from our end, as we have to then port them over to the proper account. 

2.2.3 Assigning Jobs 

2.2.4 Get Data 

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