How to set automatic schedules?

How to set automatic working hours according to schedules

Step 1: Create and assign Teams for your members, see this link for more information How to create and assign members to teams?

  • Once you've created the teams don't forget to enter the availability for each team. 

Step 2:  Click on the 'Availability tab' and enter the availability of each team. e.g. Mondays: 6am-2pm 

  • Hellotracks will take into account each member's availability to disable or enable the tracking automatically.     

Team availability

Step 3: Close the 'Team settings' and open your 'Settings' from the 'Main Dropdown Menu'.

Step 4: Under 'Settings' simply activate the option to 'Disable tracking outside team availability'

  • The 'Locating switch' on the mobile app will be disabled outside the team availability and enable within the team availability hours. 

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