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In the 'Dashboard', you can see the most recent team activities:

  • Total of members that are on the way (currently moving), idling or halted.   
  • Distance covered so far, the total of tracks (trips) registered and the total of members that have registered a track.  
  • Performance percentage: successful jobs over the total jobs assigned, successful jobs and reported issues.  
  • Engagement percentage: the total of reported jobs (success/issue) over the total jobs assigned.  
  • On-time jobs and delayed jobs. 

2.0 MAP 

In the 'Map' section, click on the right top Menu to: 

  • Change the type of map 
  • Hide or show map layers, such as traffic, places, and zones.  
  • Change visibility of the jobs pinpoints, i.e. chose to see different color pinpoints by jobs tatus or by job assignee.  
  • Filter the members you want to see on the map.  
  • Select one or multiple tracks to see on the map.  
  • Locate a specific member on the map.  
  • Choose your preferred map provider, i.e. Google Maps or Mapbox. 

3.0 JOBS

In the 'Jobs' section, you can create, import, manage and edit your Jobs! 


In 'Dispatch', you can view each member's assigned jobs and follow their progress in real-time. 
From 'Dispatch', you can also auto-assign multiple jobs at once and create recurrent sequences of jobs for a recurrent and automatic assignation. 


In 'Messages', you can send and receive messages to and from your entire field staff. 


In 'Reports', you can export reports with mileage historical data, jobs completed, timesheet and more. 

7.0 Tracks

In 'Tracks', you can access your teams tracks history. 

8.0 Team

In 'Team', you can manage your team and access relevant real-time data.

Note* Remember you can always check the credentials, just click on the member’s name and click on the 'Open' button to confirm or edit the credentials. On the member's profile is always possible to edit profile name, password and contact email address.  

9.0 Places

In 'Places', you can create, manage and import places. 

10.0 Zones

In 'Zones', you can create, manage and import zones. 

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