Auto-assign Jobs

How to auto-assign Jobs

With Hellotracks you’re able to auto-distribute unassigned Jobs to all workers, or to the workers of a preferred team. 

Once you've created or imported Jobs go to the Dispatch table and click on “Auto-Assign”.

From the auto-assign window simply choose what's your priority for the route optimization: 

-Distance: route optimization based on less travel distance possible. 
-Equal amount of Jobs: all members will receive the same amount of Jobs for the day

Then indicate if there are jobs you want to leave out from the auto-assign or members you want to leave out. See below: 

Click 'Apply Auto-Assing and see the magic happen! 
Remember the Auto-assign will take into account you member availability and start/end point and Jobs time to calculate time and distance. See how to create and assign teams. 

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